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Manufacturer Centurion Lab
Generic Brands Tadalafil
Composition Tadalafil (10mg)
Dosage Form Tablet/s

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6 To 15 days

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Vidalista 10 Mg

What is Vidalista 10 (Tadalafil)? How to work?

Vidalista Tadalafil tablets 10 mg used to treat male dysfunction problems or impotence for men. It’s manufactured by Centurion Laboratories is an Indian biotech company. Erectile Dysfunction happens because of day to day changing lifestyles also stress, anxiety, physical relationship problem, or more external factors. However, Vidalista 10 centurion laboratories best tablets helping to increase blood flow in the penis area & get hard rock erection which is helping to get a pleasurable sexual experience.

It also treats pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and eventually improves the exercising capacity in men as well as women. It can be taken orally or injected in the body by your urologist.

How to Take Vidalista 10?

If you take this Vidalista 10 dosage as per your belief so that may happen side effects. Here we have given you super tips as per expert advice you will follow those tips which help you to get the best result.

Don’t take blindly before you take this pills you can consult with your family doctor or ED consultant.

If you want a pleasurable & long lasting experience so you can consume this tablets 30 to 60 minutes before intercourse time that gets you the best result.

Do you know Vidalista 10 Viagra pills work best on an empty stomach so you don't consume a high fat meal before sexual action because It takes time to get an erection with sexual stimulation. You must check Vidalista 10 reviews before you consume this tablet.

Don't use this tablet if you have blood pressure or alpha-blockers also, you aren't able to take tablets if you consumed nitrate drugs for a heart attack or stroke in the past 6 months. Know more information so you can consult with your nearest family doctor or constant.

Precaution & Warning

As per medical information don't drink grapefruit juice while taking Viagra because it increases blood levels in your system. You can feel headache & flushing while consuming grape food. If in case you feel this problem so you can immediately contact your nearest healthcare provider or doctor.

Don't use a knife or scissors to cut your pills in half also don't split, swallow or break because 2 pieces are counted 2nd dose, which can be harmful.

Don’t increase Vidalista dosage as per your belief so should contact to your family doctor.

Do not take this drug in larger or smaller quantities than recommended.

What are the side effects of Vidalista 10?

Dizziness: motion sickness

Flushing: temporary reddening of the skin

Dyspepsia: pain that occurs in the upper abd006Fmen

Headache: pain arising from the head

Blurred vision: lack of sharpness of vision

Nausea: the sensation of wanting to vomit


How long does Vidalista 10 last?

Up to 4 to 6 hours

Can we take 2 tablets of Vidalista?

No, you can take 2 tablets within 24 hours to know more detail so you can consult with your ED or PE doctor.


Here, We have mentioned page content is only for information purposes & If you have any questions so you can consult with your family doctor & ED consultant. Do you want to concert, Kindly write to us at

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