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Manufacturer Healing Pharma
Generic Brands Sildenafil Citrate
Composition Sildenafil Citrate (100mg)
Dosage Form Tablet/s

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6 To 15 days

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Silditop 100 Mg

What is Silditop 100 Mg

Silditop is a drug that mainly is constituted with sildenafil. Sildenafil is a classic primary medication to help resolve the Erectile Dysfunction symptoms in men of any age group.

Erectile Dysfunction consists of a group of symptoms that associates with inability of men to have a hard and proper erection during sexual activities.

Silditop is a drug that helps tranquilize the blood flow in the vascular sections of various organs including the penile section to achieve the desired output for optimum sexual intercourse.

This drug also bolster the ability to maintain the desired outputs for supporting climax of partner’s satisfaction as that is the next primary goal alongside self satisfaction.

The Working of Silditop 100 Mg

Having sildenafil as a core ingredient, it works in similar manner as sildenafil and provides better outputs. The drug accords with the PDE5 inhibitor family of medications that works by actuating the protein guanylate cyclase with the assistance of nitrogen oxide. This inturn impacts by creating cyclic GMP or c-GMP. To comprehend this process we must grasp the role of nitrogen oxide in erection. This works on alveolate core of the penile area for better and hard erection which also is maintained for a longer duration.

Nitrogen oxide results in stimulation of enzyme cycle developing cyclic GMP or c-GMP. This in turn prompts alveolate core smooth vascular systems to unlax.

A point to mention is that while the outputs are extremely pleasing, these drugs offer temporary relief from the Erectile Dysfunction symptoms and for attaining these outputs the person needs to be aroused sexually.

In conclusion nitrogen oxide prompts the venules and veins in penile region to augment to derease the blood flow in the penile region while maintaing increased blood flow resulting in long lasting and harder erection for better sexual intercourse.

The dosages of Silditop Available in Market

Silditop medication is available in 2 powers in the market :-

Silditop 50 Mg

Silditop 100 Mg

The Side Effects of Silditop 100 Mg

Being derived from sildenafil, this drug has a few side effects which has a low probability to act up after consumption of this drug.

Pain in head or Nausea


Runny Nose

Bloating or Gas due to indigestion

Mild Insomnia



Uneven colouration of urine or presence of blood in urine.

There are a few different side effects that may occur in rare cases.

A few propositions to keep in mind before taking these drugs :-

It is advised that this drug should not be consumed with alcohol as this might affect the desired outputs.

These drugs should only be consumed by males as the female body and vascular system will be affected negatively by this drug.

It is advised that you should not operate any heavy machinery or drive after taking these medications as its side effects contain headache and negatively affected vision with nausea.

As these medications work with the help of nitrogen oxide extra caution should be taken by males who are experiencing severe liver disorders. In Fact it is recommended to avoid consumption of these medications if you are facing liver issues.

These medications also take a toll on people with kidney/renal disorders.

This drug should be avoided by people with high blood pressure, anemia, cancer or cancer like symptoms, myeloma or any penile disfigurement disorders.

Quick Hints about this drug

As mentioned this drug is used to alleviate the effects of Erectile Dysfunction in males. It is advised to take 1 pill in its whole integrity i.e. without crushing or breaking, half hour to four hours before sexual intercourse.

It is also advised to not consume more than 1 pill in a day’s period.

Avoid consumption of these drugs if you are already consuming nitrate medications (used for chest pains or angina).

Please avoid consumption of these drugs if you have experienced cardiac arrest in the period of 3 months prior to taking the drug, 6 months prior to stroke or heart failure.

Advices on how to store Silditop 100

These medications must be kept far away from any forms of sunlight i.e. direct or reflection and in a humid free environment, ideally in a dry environment and is to be kept at a very safe distance from animals and kids.

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