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Manufacturer Johnlee Pharmaceuticals
Generic Brands Ivermectin
Composition 12 mg
Dosage Form Tablet/s

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iverjohn 12 Mg

Iverjohn 12 mg is a anti parasitic medicine used to treat parasite invasion into the body. Parasites are commonly found in the environment. Thus, being a common living organism, humans can get the parasite from anywhere. From objects or surfaces infected by any parasite infested patient to unhygienic surroundings. Touching soil or food or any other object that may contain the worm eggs also propagates parasitic infection. Parasites usually enter the body via mouth or skin.

Common types of parasites

Tapeworms also known as Taenia Solium

Pinworms medically termed as Enterobius Vermicularis

Roundworms referred to as Ascaris Lumbricoides

Flatworms which is a common name for Fasciola Hepatica

Roundworms known as Wuchereria Bancrofti

Roundworms Trichinella

Whipworms known as Trichuris Trichiuria


Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug that has been recently touted as a potential repurposed for the treatment of covid 19. It is related to the Avermectin family of compounds as a latin origin word with ‘a’ meaning without and ‘vermis’ meaning worms. it occurs naturally from the strain of streptomyces bacteria (named as streptomyces avermitis). Secreted compound and streptomyces- two of these synthesized compounds were used as a combination and named generically Ivermectin.

Mechanism of action of Ivermectin

The mechanism is to interfere with the nerve and muscle function in the worms and insects through hyperpolarization of the nerve cell membrane resulting in fatal paralysis and parasitic death. Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter found abundantly in the central nervous system of humans. When the glutamate binds to the postsynaptic receptor of the dendrites it causes the cell to depolarize propagating the impulse to the next neuron. Due to the difference in the concentration of the sodium and potassium ions outside and inside the cell net gradient is formed which propagate the electric signal down the axon. The gradient reduces to zero causing depolarization. Glutamate receptors allow the flow of ions across the cell membrane, this channel is called ionotropic. In case of parasites glutamate is an inhibitory neurotransmitter acting on glutamate gated chloride channels. The influx of chloride ion causes hyperpolarization of the nerve cell membrane making it difficult to depolarize and propagate a nerve impulse. This serves a role in helmets and facilitates locomotion feeding and mediated sensory input. Ivermectin places itself between the subunits of chloride channel, prevents it from closing, allows free flow of chloride ion to maintain hyperpolarization preventing nerve signal propagation resulting in parasitic death.

Time period

The medication is to be taken under the doctor’s supervision. Mostly parasitic medicine is prolonged until the parasites are confirmed killed and the body is rid of parasitic infections.

Direction for usage

Consume the medicine with ample amount of water before food intake. It is preferably important to take the medicine on an empty stomach. The minimum duration before and after food intake should be at least an hour.

Availability of Iverjohn 12 mg

It is readily available in the medical stores of your locality. It can also be found online on various pharmacy sites.


Hygiene is one main factor to be taken great attention of when dealing with parasite. Parasites tend to thrive in conditions suitable for them. With hygiene in the role play we can avoid the worsening of any case dealing with parasite.

Pregnant ladies are expected and required to take extra precautions.

Allergy to any form of Ivermectin, should be taken care of. Consult with your doctor regarding allergies.

In case of any missed dosage contact your doctor and look for a way out.


Keep in mind to contain the medicine in a sunlight free area.

Storing it in a cool and dry place is highly preferable. Direct contact with sun should be avoided.

Do not store it in any unhygienic place contaminating it.

Keep the medicine off limits from your children and pet. Side effects may occur if taken without prescription.

Keep in mind about the effective measure to discard the medicine with precautions

Side Effects

Allergic reaction, difficulty in breathing (respiratory issues) due to hypersensitive reaction.

Facial features including lips, tongue etc. may get swollen


Muscle ache




Mild skin rash and itchiness around

Neck pain

Induced confusion or change in mental being

Seizures in severe cases

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