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Manufacturer Menarini
Generic Brands Ivermectin
Composition 3 mg
Dosage Form Tablet/s

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Ivecop DT 3 mg

IVECOP DT 3MG medicine contains the salt Ivermectin, belonging to the drug group referred to as anthelmintics. It treats varying forms of parasitic infections ranging from ring worms-based disease to hookworms-based ones. Many diseases caused out of parasitic attack namely are onchocerciasis, strongyloidiasis (intestine based), lymphatic filariasis also called as microfilaraemia causes the filarial worm infestations, hookworms’ infestation, scabies, pediculosis known as head lice in laymen term. Helminthiasis is the infestations caused by varying type of parasites or worms such as Ascariasis (commonly known as roundworms), Trichuriasis (known as whipworm) and Enterobiasis (referred to as Pinworm commonly).

Onchocerciasis (also known as river blindness) is a parasitic infection which affects the skin, eyes, lymph and nodes of the body. Common indicators of this condition are validated by rashes on the skin, itchiness, bumps under the skin, under arm area and genitalia, swollen eyes and in severe cases blindness.

Scabies is a skin infection which effects the epidermal layer making it communicable which can easily spread from one human being to another. Modes of disease transfer may be any form of direct skin contact that includes sexual contact, exposure via clothing or furnishings infested by the infected person during usage. Intense skin itching is one of the main effects of scabies. Repetitive itching may also further get worsened through blisters or lumps which might irritate the skin. The affected regions are in between the fingers, chest area, genitalia, palms and sole, scalp area.

Uses of Ivecop DT 3 mg

Infections caused by hookworms


Strongyloidiasis (intestinal infection) mainly affects the intestine and skin as well

Scabies is a skin infection characterized by itchiness

Head lice also known as Pediculosis in medical term

How does Ivecop DT 3 mg medicine works?

Ivermectin which is the main salt of the medicine works on the principle of binding, blocking and paralyzing. Ivermectin binds itself to the cells of the parasite namely the nerve cell and the muscle cell. Due to this bondage with the cells, the glutamate-based chlorine ion channel sees an influx of chloride ions. This influx of ions into the glutamate gated channel leads to hyperpolarization which ultimately causes paralysis and brings death to the parasite.

How to consume Ivecop DT 3 mg?

As this medicine is anti-parasitic and parasites have a noteworthy life cycle, it needs to be taken until the parasite is completely killed. The medicine needs to be consumed with a glass full of water, thus hydration is one very important factor to keep in mind while on medication for Ivermectin. Ivermectin can be coupled with different medicine too, but only if the doctor prescribes. Avoiding any kind of alcohol consumption during the medication is highly desired. Also, the use of caffein or caffein infused product must be avoided.

Side effects

Weakness or light headedness


Vomiting and abdominal pain




Redness and swelling of the infected areas

Blurry eyesight or vision impairment

Slight fever or cough

In case of any allergic history related to the Ivermectin salt- allergic reactions can be triggered due to consumption. The common symptoms in allergic reaction are skin rash or itchiness, fever, respiratory issues or difficulty in breathing.

Precautions to be taken

Do indulge in spicy food consumption or foods that may cause inflammation

Simple meals are the best meals during parasitic medication

To deal with stomach related issues during medication consume fiber rich vegetables or fruits. Staying hydrated is one of the other essentials for this medication. Dehydration may worsen the symptoms for the patient.

In case of abdominal pain use a heating pad. Reach out for a doctor if in case the pain is stagnant without significant improvement.

Consuming alcohol must be strictly avoided during medication. Alcohol consumption may increase the intensity of the side effects causing more pain to the patient.

In case of dizziness try to relax and take ample amount of sleep. Avoid indulging in any kind of heavy-duty work if you feel dizzy at that point.


Ivermectin induced medicine are not readily prescribed for pregnant women unless very important.

Women who have entered motherhood and are lactating are not recommended to breastfeed their infant while on medication. Discussing it with your doctor beforehand is the best way to go about it.

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