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Manufacturer Fortune Healthcare
Generic Brands Sildenafil Citrate
Composition Sildenafil Citrate (50mg)
Dosage Form Tablet/s

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6 To 15 days

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Fildena 50 Mg

What is Fildena 50 Mg (Sildenafil Citrate)?

Fildena 50 purple also called "Triangle purple weekend pill" used to treat male Impotence problem or Erectile Dysfunction. Its PDE5 inhibitor medication manufactured by fortune healthcare & helps in treating conditions like pulmonary hypertension. Fildena 50 sildenafil tablet prescribed by the ED specialist or ED consultant or healthcare provider which has sildenafil citrate as a major active ingredient which is helping to maintains a stimulation during the intercourse time period.

If your partner feels a strong sexual desire in the shortest possible time, However Fildena 50 tablet best medication for them which are used to increase blood flow in the penis area. You can easily buy Fildena 50mg pills with various dosages & various strengths from anywhere across the internet or local pharmacy.

How Fildena 50 works?

Sildenafil Citrate purple 50mg used to relaxing pulmonary hypertension often experienced during anxiety or stress conditions. Which helps more blood reaches the penis so that people feel ultimate enjoyment or high sex drive.

How to take Fildena 50?

Fildena 50mg can be taken orally with water as one tablet every day. The medication ought to be taken an hour or 30 minutes before having sex to take the greatest advantage of its viability. You can take this tablet with water & long last up to 4 to 6 hours but we give recommendation that before consuming tablets you can consult with your family doctors.

How to use Fildena 50mg for the best result?

Do you feel sexual mental blocks & want to overcome them so you can use this tablet 30 to 60 minutes before intercourse. If you want to get the best result so you can take this tablet on empty stomach. If you want to know more information so we recommend you can visit your nearest sexologist or erectile dysfunction specialist.

What are the side effects of Fildena 50?

Here we found some common Fildena 50 side effects, don't worry when you take this tablet then you will feel some common side effects. We have mentioned below



Prolonged and Painful Erection




Changes in Vision

What are the Fildena 50 Interactions?

Fildena 50 Sildenafil tablet interacts with other supplements & if the drug does not work properly then they produce some side effects. You can inform your family doctor & they can help you to solve your problem.








Warning & Precaution: Fildena 50

Only one Fildena 50 Dosage per day should be taken & the patient should not increase or decrease the dosage based on self-belief

This tablet is for the use of above 18 years men & should not be given to women or below 18-year child.

If you have allergies, cardiovascular problems or other physical issues so don't consume this tablet.

Sildenafil 50 mg may cause dizziness depending upon dose & stamina. You can immediately consult with a doctor.

Don’t operate heavy machine work & don't drive the car after consuming Fildena tablet.

Avoid grape food or Alcohol while taking medicine.

Where to buy Fildena 50 Online?

If you want to buy with the lowest price + huge discount so you can buy Fildena 50 online from us. We are offering you up to 50% for all medicine and free shipping.


What happens if a woman takes Fildena (Sildenafil) Viagra?

Well, we know that sildenafil works in men by increasing the blood flow to the penis so here this tablet not design for women.

How long does Fildena 50mg last?

Last up to 4 to 5 hours

Fildena 50 Vs Viagra: Is it the same or different?

Both are the same but the two tablets are available under different names so you can consult with a doctor in case of any doubts or queries.

What is the average age for a man to take Fildena 50?

It's 100% true that importance is more common in older men. As per medical data average age for a man to take Viagra is 25 to 60 years.



Here, We have mentioned page content is only for information purposes & If you have any questions so you can consult with your family doctor & ED consultant. Do you want to concert, Kindly write to us at

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