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Manufacturer Signature Pharmaseuticals
Generic Brands Ivermectin
Composition 6 mg
Dosage Form Tablet/s

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covimectin 6 Mg

Covimectin medicine is particularly an Ivermectin induced medication to treat parasites and fungal problems. Ivermectin is used to kill the parasites invading body’s immunity. It belongs to the drug category of anthelmintics. The working principle of Ivermectin is by paralysis. The medicine does not affect the host in any way. The quality of individual’s life is compromised due to parasitic condition.

Ivermectin – main component of Covimectin 6 mg

Ivermectin salt is used to kill the parasite. The process is to paralyze the parasite by causing them severe spasms within the parasite’s body, further killing it. It also prevents larvae formation by the parasite. The medicine forms a protective layering to stop the parasite from growing. With continuous medication, the parasite and larvae come to an end of the cycle.

Drug category- Anthelmintics

Anthelmintic (also referred to as anthelmintics) are purposed to oppose any kind of parasitic advancements within the body. The Helminths named here are denoted to the different kinds of parasites found in the environment. Helminthiasis is the medical term for the condition where the body is being introduced with the parasites. When the anthelminthics are introduced into the body, the parasites get killed by severe spasms caused due to inhibiting the further growth. The mechanism is medically referred to as neuromuscular targets or paralysis in laymen term. Bendazoles namely Albendazole, Mebendazole, Thiabendazole which forms the microtubule are being inhibited on consuming this medicine. Microtubules found in the eukaryotic cells are involved in the mitosis, intracellular transport and maintaining the shape of the cell. This further prevents the formation of microtubule required by the parasites to survive.

Time span for treatment

The treatment lasts until the symptoms are prominent in the patient. Patient’s reaction and coping mechanism decides how long the medication period and its quantity. For a parasitic condition, the medication is prescribed for a longer period because of the longer life span of the parasite. The time span of medication is directly proportional to the life span of the parasite. Thus, the parasite’s life cycle decides the dosage and time period for intake. The larvae are being targeted from further spreading into the body, thus mitigating the chance of to any extent further unfold.

Availability of Covimectin 6 mg

This medicine is readily available at any local medical store or online site. Availableness of this medicine is not hampered by strict mode of availability.


Women who are expecting must be compelled to take precaution and use medication solely under the direction of the doctor. The patient with quite an allergic history must consult with the doctor. If allergic to any form of Ivermectin, it should be consulted with the doctor for careful intake of the medicine.


In case of any incomprehensible dose or overdosage contact your nearest doctor. On account of any visible symptoms after the overdosage immediately consult the emergency ward in the nearest medical facility. Minimum measure between each dose should be at least 12 twelve hours.

Overdosage may lead to many allergic or bodily reactions such as nausea, vomit, dizziness, severe headache etc. Consuming any form of caffein infused beverages or drinks must be strictly avoided. Also, the intake of any alcoholic drinks must be strictly avoided during the medication period.

Side Effects

Allergic reaction, difficulty in breathing (respiratory issues) due to hypersensitive reaction.

Swelling of the face, lips, tongue throat etc.


Muscle ache

Dizziness or light headedness



Mild skin rash and itchiness around

Neck pain or uncomfortable feeling around the neck region

Trouble in walking

Induced confusion or change in mental being

Seizures in severe cases


Keep in mind to contain the medicine in a sunlight free area.

Storing it in a cool and dry place is highly preferable. Direct contact with sun should be avoided. Don’t store it in any unhygienic place as it may compromise the integrity of the medicine by contaminating it.

Keep the medicine off limits from your children and pet. Consumption of this medicine by children or pet who are not prescribed for this medication might lead to some side effects.

In case the pills are spilled and needs to be discarded, keep in mind about the effective measure to discard the medicine with precautions.

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